Ciao, Bella! Olivia’s Hair Boutique Welcomes Italian Beauty Brand, Davines

Most people who know me know that Italy has a very special place in my heart (and not only because of 1 euro cappuccinos and 5 euro bottles of wine). I have relatives as well as a family summer home south of Rome and I’ve been visiting almost every summer since I was 15. It is the definition of beauty - from the landscapes to the people - and being there always feels like a dream.

Positano, Amalfi Coast

San Donato Val di Comino (where my family home is)



I was just there in August for the first time since opening Olivia’s Hair Boutique and to say I was inspired would be an understatement! Italy is a fashion capital (warning: shopping there can be dangerous for your bank account) and they take their beauty regimens very seriously. Europe as a whole has much higher standards than the U.S. does in terms of what they allow in their beauty products. Far less chemicals, way better for the environment and they really do work. I bought tons of stuff to use on myself at home and I thought, why not give my clients the same luxury? So after a lot of research and playing with new products, I was led to the newest addition to the salon: Davines. Davines is a family-owned company based in Parma, Italy. All of their products are formulated and produced there using electricity from renewable sources. They are extremely conscious of the environment and do everything in their power to minimize their carbon footprint. They are actually one of the only hair-care brands to be a certified B-Corporation; this means that their social and environmental performance is of the highest standards of companies all over the world. What's better than looking good, feeling good and doing good?

Their packaging, in addition to being super pretty and aesthetically pleasing, is just as eco-friendly. The products themselves are amazing and stem from natural ingredients. They are all sulfate and paraben-free, and all besides a few are vegan, gluten-free and nut-free. They list the main ingredient, the farm it comes from and the name of the farmer on the packaging (so cute!!). They literally have a product for every hair type, hair color or hair problem you could think of - and so far, I’ve been blown away by their results.

I have been searching for a brand that could truly do it all for the past two years. I refuse to sell my clients anything that I don’t love and believe in so I am thrilled to finally have something that I’m excited to share. Some of my current faves:

- Oi All in One Milk - Softens, detangles, prevents frizz and is a heat-protectant.

-Dry Texturizing Spray - the BEST for beach waves! It gives that piecey separation without any crunchiness, or you can spray it at the root for added volume.

-Minu hair mask - Great for color-treated hair, makes it SO soft and shiny.

I am so excited to have a piece of Italy in the salon and I can’t wait for my clients to use and love these products as much as I do!




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